GLEIF and ROC give the green light

EQS Group is now an official LEI issuing authotity!

The good news came today (29.09.2017) at 4p.m. by email: Effective immediately, EQS Group is an officially certified issuer for the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), making EQS Group now one of only three dozen Local Operating Units (LOU) worldwide by which companies can apply for a worldwide-standardized identification number intended for financial market participants. EQS therefore continues to offer its clients a comprehensive solution for disclosure obligations.

Nevertheless, the path to the certification both from the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), which manages and supervises the LEI system, and the superordinate Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEI ROC) was arduous. The application phase, in which our newly created, innovative portal LEI MANAGER was meticulously tested by the GLEIF, was 16 months long. 

At long last, we got the green light from Switzerland: companies can now apply for the financial identification number under www.lei-manager.com, and comply with all provisions of the EU Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) and the accompanying MiFIR regulation. Starting January 2018, companies will be required to have the 20-digit, alphanumeric, ISO standard 17442 code to publish voting rights notifications, internal information and proprietary transactions of executives.

The EQS LEI MANAGER is innovative and self-explanatory: with just a few clicks, companies can apply for their LEI. All that is required is a current commercial register extract as well as a power of attorney from the CEO or authorized officer.

And if any questions should arise, our 24/7 multilingual hotline will help you access your individual identification code - quickly, safely and efficiently. Our LEI licensing is driven by our overriding service concept, a passion for service which our customers have become accustomed to.

The EQS Group with its comprehensive financial know-how and long-standing experience in the treatment of sensitive company data offers a full service with the LEI MANAGER – even when it has to be quick: we ensure a delivery of your LEI within 12 hours after application and, if necessary, take over the complete hosting, management and transfer of your LEI to EQS.

Apply today, receive a LEI today.*

By the way, EQS's LEI service benefits investment fund companies, banks and agencies that require many LEIs. With the LEI MANAGER, bulk applications are possible, and often given special rates.
*when application is submitted on a week day before 4 p.m. (CET)
Sven Schenkluhn
En tant que Directeur Général Adjoint Allemagne, Sven est responsable du département Service de Données d'EQS Group et du développement de l'EQS LEI MANAGER.
As Deputy Managing Director Germany, Sven is responsible for the business unit Data Services of the EQS Group and for the development of the EQS LEI MANAGER.
Sven è Deputy Managing Director Germany ed è responsabile della devisione Data Services dell’EQS Group e dello sviluppo dell’EQS LEI MANAGER.
Sven ist als Deputy Managing Director Germany verantwortlich für den Geschäftsbereich Datenservices der EQS Group und die Entwicklung des EQS LEI MANAGER