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March 1, 2017

EQS Group submits the Accreditation Documentation to GLEIF

The EQS Group has reached the final step of the accreditation process at the Global Legal Entity Foundation (GLEIF) and has submitted its accreditation documents.

After the EQS Group signed the Master Agreement of the accreditation process for LEI distributors a few months ago, the last required documents were sent. This is followed by a three-month examination period, in which the GLEIF examines whether the EQS ,as a LOU candidate, fulfills the conditions to be LEI Distributor.

As a new German distributor for LEI Identification numbers, the EQS Group is authorized to award and extend LEIs. In addition, a comprehensive service will be available for questions and support of LEI owners. The company wants to expand its activities in the area of ??investor relations and work closely with GLEIF.