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Illustration of corporate structures in the Legal Entity Identifier

May 1, 2017

To date, data such as the legal form and the registered company seat have been stored and made visible in the ID of the Legal Entity Identifier. On May 1st 2017 the LEI was supplemented by other important data:

This is intended to make it possible to identify group structures in the LEI and comprehensibly depict them. This is to answer the often confusing question of which company belongs to which parent company. With these data, the structures can be researched fast and provide detailed information about the interrelations within the financial sector. The collection and publication of the information on the parent and subsidiary companies has been running since May 1st 2017 and is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2018 at the latest for the majority of the LEI codes issued.

Information from the LEI:

Level 1 data: "Who is who?"

Level 2 data: "Who belongs to whom?"

This enrichment of the LEI data is a further step in the transparency of the financial markets, as the Group structures form an integral part of corporate research for investors and business partners. Up to now, however, these structures have been published inconsistently and in some cases not known at all. This changes with the globally compliant LEI, which now also provides detailed information on this group information.