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September 19, 2016

EQS Group signs the Master Agreement and becomes an official LOU-candidate

The EQS Group is well on its way to becoming the next German distributor for the identification number: Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

After the first phase of the accreditation process for a LEI distributor, the company is approved for the second phase. The accreditation plan has been checked and confirmed by the GLEIF, and the Master Agreement has now been signed. You can find out more about the general accreditation process here.

The Master Agreement is composed of various provisions of the GLEIF and must be signed by the LEI applicant. These include the financial arrangements between the GLEIF and an LEI agency, as well as the representative conditions for the public that the organization must meet and carry out. If you would like to find out more about the terms and conditions in the Master Agreement, please follow this link to the GLEIF homepage. 

With the signing of the master agreement, the EQS Group is only a few steps away from officially being LEI Distributor. These Local Operating Units (LOUs) are in close contact with the GLEIF and send their data to the GLEIF management office, which prepares these records and makes them available to the public.